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Link to Jim "Texas Shorty" Chancellor
Jim "Texas Shorty" Chancellor
Fiddler, Musician
Link to Bounxou Chanthrapone
Bounxou Chanthrapone
Artisan, Weaver
Link to Nicholas and Elena Charles
Nicholas and Elena Charles
Artisan, Mask Maker, Skin Sewer, Wood Carver
Link to Wilson "Boozoo" Chavis
Wilson "Boozoo" Chavis
Accordionist, Musician, Zydeco
Link to Clifton Chenier
Clifton Chenier
Accordionist, Musician, Zydeco
Link to Ng Sheung-Chi
Ng Sheung-Chi
Musician, Singer, Toissan muk'yu Folk Songs
Link to Walter Murray Chiesa
Walter Murray Chiesa
Bess Lomax Hawes Award
Link to Betty Piso Christenson
Betty Piso Christenson
Artisan, Egg Decorator
Link to Chum Ngek
Chum Ngek
Bess Lomax Hawes Award, Musician
Link to Delores E. Churchill
Delores E. Churchill
Artisan, Weaver
Link to Gladys LeBlanc Clark
Gladys LeBlanc Clark
Artisan, Weaver
Link to Jack Coen
Jack Coen
Flute Player, Musician
Link to Edwin Colón Zayas
Edwin Colón Zayas
Cuatro Player, Musician
Link to Sidiki Conde
Sidiki Conde
Dancer, Drummer, Musician
Link to Séamus Connolly
Séamus Connolly
Fiddler, Musician
Link to Bertha Cook
Bertha Cook
Artisan, Knotted Bedspread Maker
Link to Helen Cordero
Helen Cordero
Artisan, Potter
Link to Joseph Cormier
Joseph Cormier
Fiddler, Musician
Link to Elizabeth Cotten
Elizabeth Cotten
Blues, Guitarist, Musician, Songster, Songwriter
Link to Burlon Craig
Burlon Craig
Artisan, Potter
Link to Rose and Francis Cree
Rose and Francis Cree
Artisan, Basketmaker, Spoken Word, Storyteller
Link to Violet de Cristoforo
Violet de Cristoforo
Link to Paul Dahlin
Paul Dahlin
Fiddler, Musician
Link to Chitresh Das
Chitresh Das
Dancer, Kathak
Link to Clyde Davenport
Clyde Davenport
Appalachian, Fiddler, Musician
Link to Antonio De La Rosa
Antonio De La Rosa
Accordionist, Conjunto, Musician
Link to Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro
Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro
Musician, Pandeiro Player, Percussionist
Link to Belle Deacon
Belle Deacon
Artisan, Basketmaker
Link to Mary Louise Defender-Wilson
Mary Louise Defender-Wilson
Spoken Word, Storyteller
Link to Giuseppe and Raffaela DeFranco
Giuseppe and Raffaela DeFranco
Dancer, Musician
Link to Amber Densmore
Amber Densmore
Artisan, Quilter
Link to Joe Derrane
Joe Derrane
Accordionist, Musician
Link to Hazel Dickens
Hazel Dickens
Appalachian, Musician, Singer
Link to Nadim Dlaikan
Nadim Dlaikan
Musician, Nye Reed Flute Player
Link to Bo Dollis
Bo Dollis
Artisan, Mardi Gras Chief, Musician, Singer
Link to Sonia Domsch
Sonia Domsch
Artisan, Lace Maker
Link to Manuel "Cowboy" Donley
Manuel "Cowboy" Donley
Musician, Singer, Tejano
Link to João Oliveira dos Santos
João Oliveira dos Santos
Capoeira Angola, Dancer, Musician
Link to Michael Doucet
Michael Doucet
Bandleader, Composer, Fiddler, Musician
Link to Jerry Douglas
Jerry Douglas
Dobro Player, Musician